Bridging the digital discovery divide

Today’s world of massive information creation, distribution and consumption has created a digital discovery divide. On one side are the consumers who struggle to discover the information, products and services they seek, growing increasingly frustrated in the process. On the other side are the marketers of web businesses, who have precisely the information sought by consumers but may lack the resources to surface it effectively.

Consumers must sift through ever-growing mounds of new content—whether it is user-generated, editorial or socially informed. It’s no surprise that fully 16% percent of queries on each day are new. And 18% of consumers consult social media when looking for new information online. Online searchers have become increasingly specific and targeted in their queries, collaborative in their evaluation of options and forced to find novel ways to express their intent when confronted with a sea of infinite possibilities.

Web businesses have not designed customer experience with access patterns in mind and therefore must struggle with the problem of getting found. Many have a browse-centric website architecture, which virtually ensures that desired information is several clicks past the initial platforms (Google, Bing, Facebook) where shoppers begin their quests. From both a consumer and search engine perspective, the information on many websites is just too massive and too hard to crawl.

Simultaneously, the rate at which business inventory, search queries and web pages change on a daily basis is accelerating. And while platforms are evolving and refining the methods by which they discover information, web businesses must step up and play an active role as publishers, ensuring that their hidden content gets found by an increasingly discriminating consumer—one who is looking to quickly accumulate information and make a purchase decision.

Connecting consumer intent with relevant products has never been more challenging. An unprecedented opportunity exists to conquer the digital discovery divide—one of the most exciting business challenges today and one with the potential for profound impact in transforming the online consumer experience for the better.

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