BloomSearch and Google Panda

Originally released in February 2011, Google Panda is an update to the Google Search Algorithm that aimed to improve the quality of search results by lowering the rank of poor quality pages and raising the rank of high quality pages.

Google gives guidance about what constitutes a quality web page here. In summary:
1. No duplicate content
2. Good user experience

Signs of a good user experience might include:
1. Average to high conversion rates
2. Low to average bounce rates
3. All content on the page is relevant for the query

We built BloomSearch Thematic Pages to create high quality pages that more precisely address the consumer’s interest by leveraging our real-time content intelligence engine.  These pages strive to provide comparable conversion and bounce rates as existing category pages, and also address user interests that are currently unmet by existing category pages.

BloomSearch Thematic Pages create and optimize the most individually compelling set of original pages to meet the specific and evolving interests of consumers. Effectively, BloomSearch Thematic Pages are personalized category pages.

Using BloomSearch Thematic Pages, our clients are generating more quality traffic and revenue. In fact, the earliest adopters of BloomSearch Thematic Pages are generating more quality traffic than they did in the pre-Panda era – by providing a better user experience.

Read more about Google Panda.

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