BloomReach and the Google SSL update

On October 18, 2011, Google announced that they will no longer allow analytics systems to record the search term that was used on when a user is logged into Google services.  Google implemented the change to logged-in users starting October 31, and we’ve been actively analyzing its impact on traffic and our services since that point.

Media reports of this percentage vary greatly across industries and on a monthly basis—from high single digits (less than 10% was Google’s prediction) to as much as 50%, depending on the number of signed in Google account users.

The machine learning system underpinning BloomReach relies on many sources for consumer query data and is not impacted by Google’s policy shift. However, all analytics providers including Omniture, CoreMetrics, BloomReach’s dashboard, etc. are impacted by this new policy.

Like other platforms, we need to update our dashboard and billing in order to adapt to this change. We’ve already updated our analytics system to separately track visits with “empty queries.” Our dashboard has been modified to show the number of “empty query” visits we receive on targeted pages and how this impacts your billing.

BloomReach remains committed to our performance-based business partnership with our customers and we look forward to getting your products and services found.  Please contact your BloomReach Product & Engagement Manager if you wish to discuss your specific case.