BloomReach goes global

Earlier last month, we finalized a big decision—we went global. Ashu and I started BloomReach in Silicon Valley for the same reason most people do: it’s where great technology-centric entrepreneurial companies are built (and we lived here). When we started the business, we had a lot of discussions about whether it made sense to set up a remote team, perhaps to reduce the cost of software development. As we thought about it, we realized that most great software companies are built on great products. And great products are built by great teams who have a high degree of interaction, and are able to iterate to the right answer fast. Software companies don’t fail because the product was too expensive to build, they mostly fail because there was no market for what they built. As a result, it made sense to start in Silicon Valley and build product leadership with a small team of amazing engineers and product execs.

Three years and 70 customers later, with a market-leading product (BloomSearch) and two new products (BloomSocial and BloomLift) – we’re ready to go global. We announced the incorporation of BloomReach Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – our R&D center in Bangalore, India. BloomReach India will serve as a second heartbeat of our R&D efforts and focus on the same things we focus on in Mountain View – building great products. BloomReach India will not be an outsourcing or support center. The team will be led by Vinodh Kumar, whom we are really excited to welcome to the company. Vinodh was the technical leader of a number of products at Google – including Google News and Google’s Enterprise Apps business. He brings with him amazing technical skills, terrific leadership attributes and the kind of cultural fit that makes him a natural BloomReacher. We can’t wait to build a team in India that is focused on the best and brightest, solving the hardest problems on the web.

Welcome BloomReach India!