It’s June, are you ready for the holidays?

Summer vacation is about to begin and within virtually all BloomReach clients, marketers and technologists are feverishly negotiating the final touches of what their Q4 website will offer.  Website “lockdown” is only a couple of months away and once it arrives, technology changes are suspended until after the crucial holiday period – January 2013.

Digital marketing, search marketing, Internet marketing, social marketing – whatever your flavor, it changes quickly and four months is an eternity.  If you make the wrong choices, your holiday season underperforms.  While, technologists must focus on site speed and stability, marketers are focused on maximizing conversion, improving user experience, and optimizing for discoverability. How should marketers work with technologists to ensure everyone gets what they need?  What are the most important priorities for marketers to get scheduled before lockdown 2012?

First, it’s important to understand that technologists and marketers are partners like never before. We are on the same team, but we play different positions.  So we have to understand each other’s language, goals and strengths. No matter how discoverable, compelling and buyer friendly your website is, if it doesn’t load in a blink or crashes, it won’t matter.  That said, a high speed, reliable site that is not discovered, engaging and compelling is equally useless.

Second, it’s about choices.  The projects aren’t technology or marketing, they are ebusiness priorities.  We both need to come prepared to compromise – knowing that neither of us gets everything we hoped to get done.  Understanding the implications of our requests makes us a reasonable partner for technologists.

Third – in addition to adding new technology (like BloomReach’s big data marketing applications to drive discovery and conversion through long tail marketing) there are definitive actions to take today using technology you’ve already implemented to maximize your fourth quarter success.  In partnership with eTail, Forrester Research and 360i, BloomReach is pleased to present a free, one-hour Webinar on June 21 at 11am Pacific Time on the actions you can take today to maximize your Q4 ecommerce opportunity.  Register now.

Join me, Peter Sheldon and Adam Whippy, Group SEO Director of 360i, for an insightful discussion about the technologists perspective and the search marketing initiatives you can do now that will pay off in Q4.

*Image source: Nina Matthews Photography