New Whitepaper: Moneyball of Marketing

Your brand is a household name. Millions Like it on Facebook. Competitors are jealous that customers use your brand name as a verb. Your brand is global, like Brad Pitt. Taking your brand to this level was no small feat. It took years of great products, advertising, some very happy customers, and a little luck. The vast majority of visitors to your web site seek you out by your well-known brand.

But what about those people looking for products and services like your big brand makes, yet they don’t know to look for you by name? Does your search marketing strategy help you bring these potential new customers home? Or are you stranding them on base, where they fail to find you?

In a new whitepaper – Moneyball of Marketing – we dig into the data on large brands and how some have grown their non-branded search traffic to bring in new customers. There’s little doubt that your SEO team and agency do a great job optimizing for your brand name. And your loyal customers – the ones who use your brand as a verb – look for you by name. Adam Audette says big brands should have branded/non-branded search traffic ratios of 60/40. If your ratio is more like 90/10, you’re leaving about 50% more highly converting traffic (much of it from net new customers, whose lifetime value could be huge). As we discuss in the whitepaper, it’s not about how you slice up the pie. It’s about growing the pie.

Image by Flickr user ragingtornado used under Creative Commons license.