Today’s consumers demand to be understood, not defined.

Old approaches to site search, navigation and recommendations fall short of today’s customers’ expectations. Site experience should not rely on labor-intensive tagging, manual rules and a collection of disjointed widgets.

BloomReach SNAP brings together data about people, Web-wide demand and your content. SNAP generates for each and every consumer a truly personal experience tailored to their tastes while matching current intent. When customers can find what they’re looking for quickly – through site search, navigation or recommendations – they are happier, spend more, and return more often. Watch a webinar to learn more

An analyst embedded in every merchandising tool

Great customer experiences are crafted by expert merchants and marketers. BloomReach SNAP unleashes metrics and tools that empower experts to make data-driven decisions helping to achieve their business goals.

Boost or bury gives you visibility into each product’s impressions, add-to-cart rate, revenue-per-visit, and conversion rate, among other metrics. Empowering merchants and marketers to tweak product rankings in search results updating where site content is powered by search. Using data to make optimization decisions results in a better user experience and bottom line.

Facet controls incorporate metrics of each filter’s use and results, making it easy to customize your site for the way your visitors prefer to refine their results. Toggle facets on and off without calling the IT department.

One user experience, connected across all devices

Your customers expect a seamless experience across devices - one that learns from their behavior to constantly create a more personalized experience. BloomReach SNAP delivers personalized content based on a customer’s cross-device behavior by analyzing on-site Web and mobile activity, even when the user isn’t logged in.

Commerce starts with discovery

Auto-suggest and Predictive Search help customers find what they are looking for faster, connecting them to the most relevant content by using their natural language. With just a few letters, our continuously learning algorithms rank results based on an individual’s behavior as well as your product’s relevance and success generating revenue.

Predictive Site Search results use our deep understanding of your products and web wide demand to make sure your customers see the right mix of products in their site search results. These powerful algorithms can also continuously optimize the product rankings on category pages, ensuring that the best performers are at the top and boosting new products the platform predicts will perform well.

More Like This visual browsing lets a shopper - who “knows it when she sees it” - explore products that share intent, meaning, and context with a single click. It makes browsing fun and product discovery effortless.

Trending surfaces the hottest new products in vogue on social media, inspiring your customers and leading to meaningful engagement for your business. Looking at what actually drives people to your products from social sites, including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter makes it easy for your customers to discover new products.

Show customers that your site is “Just For You”

Using each individual shopper’s behavior, BloomReach SNAP creates Dynamic Categories, including personalizing site search results to match her style. Pair this with cross-device understanding and you will deliver true personalization that adapts to each individual shopper, across every device, throughout your omnichannel experience.