mobile traffic is increasing faster than mobile revenue

Mobile customers are often frustrated trying to do what they want. You don’t have the time or space to misread their intent.

BloomReach Mobile delivers personalized discovery – from relevant auto-suggestions to KPI-optimized search results to attribute and behavior driven visual refinement – that grow both mobile revenue and influence, powered by our Web Relevance Engine.

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connecting users across devices

Your customers want a seamless experience across devices - one that learns from their behavior to constantly create a more personalized experience. BloomReach Mobile delivers personalized recommendations based on a customer’s cross-device behavior. This is done by analyzing on-site web and mobile activity and creating anonymous profiles when behaviors are likely the same person using multiple devices, even when the user isn’t logged in.

BloomReach Mobile also provides analytics that track usage from mobile discovery to web purchase to help retailers assess mobile influence across their channels.


less thumb typing and better results

Auto Suggest and Predictive Search help customers find what they are looking for faster. Typing just 3 characters on average, a customer will click on a query that’s 13 characters long. Meaning they run a very specific query that matches their intent, but without a great deal of effort on their part.

On mobile, you have limited real estate to show the right products. So our Predictive Search results use our deep understanding of your products to make sure your customers see the right product mix for their search.


find and refine with a tap

More Like This lets a shopper - who “knows it when she sees it” - explore products that share common attributes with a single tap. It makes product discovery effortless.


turn social data into mobile revenue

BloomReach Mobile's Trending dynamically shows the products that are resonating on social media. Using referral source data from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Polyvore (among others), Trending features products that are driving traffic to your site - from your social marketing efforts or organically from your fans and influencers.