A timeline of BloomReach’s history

In 2008, former Google scientist Ashutosh Garg and Raj De Datta, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, had an idea: Why not help businesses better benefit from their web content by making sure each visitor was greeted with relevant content based on that particular visitor’s unique intent?

Not only would the businesses be more effective, but consumers would have better digital experiences on every site. Garg and De Datta believed that if they could bring massive amounts of data, world-class algorithms and continuous learning to every website, they would create the relevant web.

Raj & Ashu

Their vision was a digital experience platform that would bridge the gap between a visitor’s intent and a site’s content across devices and channels. Together, Garg and De Datta built the BloomReach Web Relevance Engine, a powerful machine-learning system that was the essential building block in their digital experience vision.

In 2016, BloomReach took a dramatic step forward, acquiring Hippo, a premier content management system company based in Amsterdam. BloomReach and Hippo combined the worlds of content and commerce in a way that provided the potential to provide a relevant digital experience for every visitor every time.

The expanded company offered a platform built of marketing and merchandising applications that benefited the entire digital ecosystem. It was the start of a new chapter for the new BloomReach, a chapter that promised to bring the company’s outcome-driven, machine-learning technology to the entire web.