Welcome. The information below explains how BloomReach collects, uses, and discloses information as we provide services to publishers, analytics providers, ecommerce sites and others. BloomReach provides services to websites that makes their content easier to find. We deliver our services on the commercial websites of our customers as part of the content they display to consumers. The information below is designed to help you understand how our service collects and uses data in connection with consumers’ Internet browsing.

First and foremost, BloomReach is not a company that sells consumer data or advertising.

  1. We do not sell data we collect in any individualized form – period.
  2. BloomReach is in the business of making quality content as accessible is possible – so that consumers find what they want, where they want, when they want it.

We created this page to explain how we approach consumer privacy and data collection in BloomReach’s services. We also recommend that consumers review the privacy policies of the websites visited and of the online service providers used, including those of their Internet service provider. Paying close attention to the privacy policies of the websites visited remains one of the best ways to make informed choices about privacy.

What is BloomReach?

BloomReach is a service that interprets content and web-wide behavior and improves the quality and accessibility of commercial, destination websites (our “customers”) in order to help the content on these websites be found more easily by consumers with a greater interest in these websites. Our services are used by our customers on our customers’ websites to enhance the discoverability of their content.

An Example of Notices through the BloomReach Service

An example of when you might see our Services being used occurs when a website customizes content (text, links, images, etc.) on our customer’s website in a clearly delineated area (a “widget”) or on new pages to show information. Websites also use BloomReach to identify new content relationships, create links to existing content and create entirely new pages with unique combinations of their content.

Our service is designed to help consumers find the content and information they seek. If a consumer clicks on a related search or item, the resulting website page that is returned should better fit their interests because of BloomReach.


BloomReach does not collect or use any personally identifiable information about individual consumers through our services. Instead, BloomReach collects and relies on non-personal information to provide our services.

What Information Does BloomReach Receive and How Do We Use It?

To help our services provide better content discovery experiences, we collect information about consumer’s use of our customers’ websites and interactions with our implementations for limited purposes.

Website Usage and Analytics. We may collect non-personal information such as the request and response logs of our customer’s websites. These logs include click and browse information. When consumers visit websites, information identifying the website they arrive from and the next website they visit is generated and available to the website operator for analysis. BloomReach uses such information on an aggregated basis alongside similar information from millions of other consumers to help BloomReach improve and develop our products and the user experience. This aggregated information may include basic reporting metrics like the number of consumers who discovered content through the BloomReach-suggested content and connections, how frequently users return to a website, and the aggregate revenues generated from those consumers. Aggregated information will also be used to help BloomReach and its customers optimize our services. Such aggregate data does not contain personally identifiable information.

Cookies and Log Information. Cookies are files that web servers place on an Internet user’s computer that are designed to store basic information (such as visitor preferences). Cookie technology remains a fundamentally important part of how websites customize users’ online experiences. Through the use of cookies or similar technologies, we may store basic information about your visits to a customers’ website, in anonymized form, so that we can help improve consumers’ online experiences.

At no time during this process does BloomReach know the name, address, phone number, or other personally identifiable information. BloomReach will receive a consumer’s IP address, pages or products browsed, technical attributes about the consumer’s browser request, browser type, browser language, search query, details about whether the consumer has made a purchase, and date and time information. We associate this data with an anonymous cookie that is not linked to a consumer’s identity or any other user identifier.

Opt-Out: Your Choices

Consumers are welcome to opt out of future BloomReach data collection regarding website usage and analytics by clearing their browser’s cookies for the domain or URL that uses the BloomReach service or by blocking the use of cookies when they visit such domains or URLs.

Information Retention

Our business customers limit BloomReach’s collection, use, and disclosure of information through our Service. We keep information we need to provide our services to our customers only so long as we have a valid business purpose.


We do not share any individual level information we collect for any direct marketing purposes. We may share aggregate information about the use of our services with the businesses that use our services. This information does not identify any individual consumer. BloomReach may otherwise share information it collects if doing so is appropriate to carry out a consumer’s request; or if BloomReach believes that doing so is legally required; or it is in BloomReach’s interest to protect its property or other legal rights; or the rights or property of others. In any case, as discussed above, we generally do not collect or possess personally identifiable information about any consumer. Information possessed by BloomReach may be transferred in connection with any sale or disposition of the business as permitted by law or agreements with our customers.


We may occasionally update our policies and procedures relating to BloomReach. When we do, we will also revise the “effective date” on these pages. The BloomReach services are offered principally on behalf of and through other online businesses, such as website publishers and ecommerce providers. We encourage you to regularly review the privacy policies of pages you visit on the Internet.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about BloomReach or BloomReach and privacy, please email us at privacy@bloomreach.com. In the event that we are still unable to resolve your concerns, BloomReach is committed to cooperating to achieve a proper resolution of your privacy concerns.

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Effective Date: November 15, 2011