Today’s consumers demand to be understood, not defined.

Old approaches to site search, navigation and recommendations fall short of today’s customer’s expectations. BloomReach SNAP brings together data about people, web-wide demand and your content. SNAP generates for each and every consumer a truly personal experience tailored to their tastes while matching current intent. When customers can find what they’re looking for quickly – through site search, navigation or recommendations – they are happier, spend more, and return more often. Watch a webinar to learn more

What SNAP does

Personalization and Auto Suggest

SNAP’s personalized homepages highlight your individual customers’ interests while intelligent auto suggest displays highly specific queries makng discovery easy and optimized for your business goals.

Search & Category Page Rankings

SNAP leverages data about relevance, profitability, and products along with availability and pricing rules in each contract to rank site search and category page results to be the most relevant for each consumer.

Easy Page Creation

Leverage your deep knowledge of customer needs and increase order sizes by using SNAP to easily create and surface relevant pages for your customers for any marketing channel.

Why SNAP matters

Control Costs & Enhance Revenue

SNAP understands products and behavior to deliver a better user experience. It also scales without any additional cost so you can control your expenses.

Increase Order Size & Wallet Share

SNAP uses customer data and your KPI’s to improve margins by surfacing and prioritizing relevant, complementary and high margin products.

Bridge The Device Gap

Cross-device matching capabilities deliver a better experience at the point of need, improving relevance, saving time and driving powerful differentiation.